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Alcohol and health

When consumed in moderation, beer and other alcoholic
beverages from our range can be part of a well-balanced lifestyle.

We are proud brewers committed to promoting responsible consumption and reducing harmful alcohol consumption. We believe it is important for consumers to be knowledgeable about alcohol, our products and responsible ways of using them. We try to emphasise this on our packaging, in our advertising and promotions and through our partnership activities. We offer a wide range of liquors with different alcohol by volume (ABV) percentages, including a growing number of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol options.

Alcohol consumption is an individual decision. Consider your own risks and benefits before consumption. There is evidence that alcohol consumption may be linked to certain health problems. Alcohol has different effects on different people. For some people, moderate alcohol consumption can also increase the risk of diseases such as diabetes, certain types of cancer or cardiovascular problems. Any further questions or concerns in this regard should be directed to your doctor.

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause dangerous long-term consequences, such as physical dependence or alcohol addiction, so it should always be avoided. Some people should never reach for alcohol. For example, people who are under the legal age, pregnant women, drivers, machine operators or people who cannot control the amount of alcohol they consume.

Many government bodies publish recommendations on alcohol consumption that consumers can refer to. Public health authorities are also a very good source of information.